Partner Industrial

Corporate Headquarters
8901 Gaylord Dr. Suite 230
Houston, TX 77024
T: 832-360-1978

Partner Industrial provides services to a broad range of established industrial end-markets which serve as the foundation of the U.S. economy. Our core customer base is comprised of industrial processing facilities in the refining, chemical, power generation, utilities, pipelines and terminals, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and logistics end-markets.

Routine maintenance of process equipment and facilities is necessary for process companies to maintain or improve operating efficiency and to extend the useful lives of capital intensive equipment.  Processing plants in these segments have become substantially more complex, with maximum efficiency hinging on the effective operation of each interdependent processing unit and phase.  As a result, the stoppage of any process segment impacts overall plant operations, greatly reducing productivity.  On-going and preventative maintenance, along with regularly scheduled plant turnarounds or outages, are critical for our customers to minimize the downtime of process equipment.

Importantly, Partner Industrial was founded on the belief that there exists a significant opportunity in the market today for an integrated provider of industrial maintenance services capable of delivering high-touch and responsive service, senior-level attention, and safe, productive and reliable maintenance for processing facilities.


Pipelines & Terminals


Pulp & Paper

Distribution & Logistics

Food & Beverage

Power Generation & Utilities