Partner Industrial

Corporate Headquarters
8901 Gaylord Dr. Suite 230
Houston, TX 77024
T: 832-360-1978

Partner Industrial’s safety management system is among the most advanced and effective in the industry, and has evolved beyond risk assessment to include cognitive processing, organizational work processes, and a continuous improvement framework. Our system is aligned with OSHA VPP elements and incorporates industry best practices.

Safety Management System

Pre-Job Risk Control

Management Engagement

Employee Engagement & Training

Leading Indicators Tracking

Stop Work Commitment

Life Saving Rules

“The greatest measurement of success for our company is the health and safety of our employees and our customers”

Partner Industrial’s leadership team has a safety track record that is among the best in the industry, inspiring confidence and trust with employees and customers.  The company was founded on very strong safety principles and works diligently to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for every activity.  Our commitment to safety is embedded in individuals at all levels of the organization through continual safety training and educational programs which highlight safe practices and hazard recognition. Management and supervisors are held accountable for the success of Partner Industrial’s safety program and work together with our safety managers and full-time safety professionals to ensure that every activity and project meets stringent safety standards. Furthermore, we use leading indicators to measure safety performance and improvement, providing tangible results for our customers and employees.